Spurs’ Youth team 7-0 Kerala Blasters’ Youth team: (match report)

In the semi-finals of the Premier League Next Generation Cup, at Hotspur Way, Spurs’ Youth team faced Indian Super League side Kerala Blasters’ Youth team. Spurs’ side was basically their Under 18 side, and Stuart Lewis’ side impressively won the match 7-0, to set-up a final match with West Ham United on Saturday. Spurs lined-up with Elliot Krasniqi in goal, while Brandon Bryan-Waugh, Archie Chaplin, Will Andiyapan and Jahziah Linton started in defence. Rio Kyerematen and Billy Heaps started in central midfield. Maxwell McKnight and Riley Owen started out wide on the flanks, either side of CAM Tyrese Hall, as Spurs’ captain Jaden Williams led the line. Spurs got the game underway in Enfield. After winning the ball midfielder Rio Kyerematen went forward with the ball, before having an effort blocked inside the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area. Spurs had started the game well, and they were unlucky not to have been awarded a penalty kick, after Tyrese Hall seemed to have been fouled inside the penalty area, by number 34 (unfortunately I couldn’t find a list with the names of the Kerala Blasters players). However, the referee didn’t award the penalty for Spurs. After winning the ball, Tyrese Hall passed the ball to Jaden Williams on the edge of the Kerala Blasters penalty area, but his effort was well saved by the goalkeeper.

Brandon Bryan-Waugh managed to deflect an effort over the Spurs goal, from the left side of the Spurs box. Archie Chaplin then did well to block an effort on the Spurs goal, before Stuart Lewis’ side almost took the lead. A good cross into the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area by Maxwell McKnight, was headed away by number four, but Williams managed to get on the ball. However, his effort was saved well by the goalkeeper. A low effort from distance at the other end of the pitch was saved well by Elliot Krasniqi. After receiving Tyrese Hall’s pass, Rio Kyerematen hit an effort over the goal, from the edge of the Kerala Blasters’ box, before Kerala Blasters’ number nine and centre-forward missed a good chance inside the centre of the Spurs box, but he ended up putting the ball wide of the goal. Number eight had an effort which went over Elliot Krasniqi’s goal, before Rio Kyerematen hit a free-kick effort over the goal, from the edge of the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area. Spurs took the lead soon after however, as a good move resulted in Williams receiving a pass from Kyerematen, and he then showed some excellent skill inside the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area, before passing the ball to Kyerematen, who had an effort on goal blocked on the line. However, the ball came to Jahziah Linton on the left side of the box, and he finished well into the goal, 1-0.

Spurs doubled their lead soon after taking the lead, as a clever lofted pass from Riley Owen to Rio Kyerematen inside the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area, resulted in the Spurs player passing the ball to Jaden Williams, who finished well into the goal, 2-0. Some great skill from Tyrese Hall on the left side of the penalty area to lift the ball over a defender, resulted in the first year scholar putting the ball over the goal, from a difficult angle. A pass out from the Spurs defence was met by Kerala Blasters’ number ten, who tried to score from distance, with Elliot Krasniqi out of his goal, but his effort went wide of the goal, with the referee sounding his whistle for half-time soon after. Kerala Blasters got the second half underway (Thomas Bloxam had replaced Tyrese Hall for the start of the second half). Kerala Blasters’ number 34 headed over a corner-kick, before Spurs went forward at the other end of the pitch, as Jahziah Linton hit an effort just over the goal, from the left side of the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area. Linton then did really well inside the Spurs box to make a great challenge on the Kerala Blasters’ number 17. After Thomas Bloxham had won the ball well, he passed it to Jaden Williams, who then passed it to Riley Owen on the left side of the penalty area, and he then delivered a low cross towards the back post, which Maxwell McKnight was able to guide into the goal, 3-0.

Kerala Blasters’ number nine headed over a cross from the left flank, just over the Spurs goal. Then a couple of minutes later number ten hit an effort just over Elliot Krasniqi’s goal, from the edge of the Spurs box. After winning the ball the impressive Thomas Bloxham passed the ball to Maxwell McKnight on the right flank, and the second year scholar delivered a really good low cross into the centre of the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area, which Bloxham was able to finish well from, into the goal, with a good first time effort, 4-0. Will Andiyapan did well to block number 11’s effort inside the Spurs box, before Spurs made three changes. Damola Ajayi, Yusuf Akhamrich and George Abbott all came on to replace Archie Chaplin, Riley Owen and Billy Heaps respectively. Williams had an effort blocked on the edge of the penalty area, just before Damola Ajayi passed the ball to Yusuf Akhamrich, on the left side of the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area, but the forwards’ effort went just wide of the near post. Spurs made it 5-0 soon after, as George Abbott went forward with the ball at pace, before passing the ball to Damola Ajayi on the left side of the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area, and the first year scholar passed the ball to Abbott in the centre of the box, and he calmly side-footed a low effort into the goal, 5-0.

James Roswell replaced Maxwell McKnight, before Kerala Blasters’ number 17 received the ball on the left side of the Spurs box, but Elliot Krasniqi saved his low effort well with his feet. After Kerala Blasters’ number 34 tripped Jaden Williams inside the penalty area, Spurs were awarded a penalty. Williams stepped up to put the ball into the centre of the goal, 6-0. Then shortly after the game got started again, Williams won the ball before taking it into the Kerala Blasters’ penalty area, and from the right side of the box he curled the ball into the left corner of the goal, 7-0. Kerala Blasters’ number 25 hit a lofted effort wide of the Spurs goal from distance, late on in the match, before the referee sounded his whistle for full-time. Spurs face West Ham United in the final of the Premier League Next Generation Cup, on Saturday.

Player reviews:

  • Elliot Krasniqi: The first year scholar and goalkeeper didn’t have many saves to make today, but he was good and reliable in goal.
  • Brandon Bryan-Waugh: This was a good defensive performance from the right-back, and during the first half he did well defensively, before later moving into central defence later on during the second half. This was a good performance from Brandon.
  • Archie Chaplin: The central defender did well alongside Will Andiyapan, and he was good defensively. He also liked to pass the ball forward, out from defence.
  • Will Andiyapan: The versatile defender did well in defence, and like Archie Chaplin he was good defensively, as Spurs kept a clean-sheet.
  • Jahziah Linton: The left-back got forward really well and he deserved to get his goal, and he was unlucky not to get another goal later on in the match. 
  • Rio Kyerematen: Starting the match in defensive-midfield, Rio Kyerematen brought the ball forward well, and his link-up play and involvement in the forward areas of the pitch was impressive.
  • Billy Heaps: I thought that this was an excellent performance in midfield from Billy Heaps, who did everything so well in midfield, and he used the ball so well. The former Stevenage Academy player impressed greatly with his movement off the ball.
  • Maxwell McKnight: Starting the match on the right flank as a winger, second year scholar Maxwell McKnight got forward really well, both with and without the ball. He took his goal well, and he also got an assist during his time on the pitch in the second half.
  • Tyrese Hall: I thought that the midfielder did well in the CAM position during the first half of the match. He showed good skill on the ball, and he was unlucky not to score during his time on the pitch.
  • Riley Owen: The winger was involved in two of Spurs’ goals today, and he was very clever in his all-round play. And he used the ball well.
  • Jaden Williams: My man of the match, see below.
  • Thomas Bloxham: The skilful winger entered the pitch for the beginning of the second half, and the Republic of Ireland youth international started the second half in the CAM position. He showed some excellent skill on the ball, impressed with his hard work off the ball and he also took his goal well. 
  • Damola Ajayi: The forward did well with the ball after he came onto the pitch during the second half.
  • Yusuf Akhamrich: The first year scholar came very close to scoring a goal not too long after he was substituted on, during the second half.
  • George Abbott: This was a very good second half performance from second half substitute George Abbott, who did well in midfield and he impressed on the ball. George Abbott scored a well taken goal, after starting the move with the ball himself.
  • James Roswell: The defender and second half substitute went to right-back, late on it the game.

My man of the match – Jaden Williams. The centre-forward scored a hat-trick today, but his all-round performance was very good on the day. Impressing with his excellent movement off the ball, the second year scholar was always looking to receive the ball in and around the penalty area. Williams took all three of his goals really well. 

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