Some notes on Spurs loanee Samuel Shashoua’s performance against Racing Santander:

Some notes on Spurs loanee Samuel Shashoua’s performance against Racing Santander:


Spurs youngster Samuel Shashoua was involved in the biggest game of his career on Sunday evening, when he lined up for Atlético Baleares in the first leg of their semifinal play off against Racing Santander. Shashoua completed 65 minutes of the goalless draw at the El Sardinero, the 20 year old spent the entirety of his time on the field playing out on the left flank. Manix Mandiola’s side set up in a very defensive shape today as they looked to go into the second leg with a clean sheet, as they are so strong at home. This ultimately meant that Samuel was not as involved in the game from an attacking perspective as he would have liked to have been. However, Shashoua tracked back well impeccably after himself and he put in an important defensive shift for Manix Mandiola’s side to help them to record a clean sheet. Shashoua started the game out on the left wing and his first involvement in the match occurred around the 15 minute mark. Impressing early on with some good tracking back, after receiving the ball out on the left flank Samuel looked to drive forward with the ball. He embarked on a good penetrating run but he ended up being stopped by Racing Santander’s Mario Oritz who fouled the Spurs man. A couple of minutes later Samuel received Peris’ pass down the left flank, Shashoua then sprinted down the channel before being taken out and fouled by Noguera. After a Racing Santander corner found its way Nico Hidalgo on the edge of the Atlético penalty area, Samuel took it upon himself to sprint over to Hidalgo to close down his angles, and it worked as he blazed his resulting effort over Carl Klaus’ crossbar. It was a scrappy game of football with very few clear cut chances for either team. Shashoua grew quite isolated out on the left flank but time and time again he tracked back to help Peris quell the threat which Hidalgo posed. Racing Santander pressurised the Atlético defence but it was to no avail. After picking the ball up on the left wing Shashoua cut inside fullback Aitor Buñuel before clipping a nice cross into the Santander penalty area. Shashoua’s cross had manage to pick out Marcos De la Espada at the back post however, he volleyed wide of the goal.

Francesc Fullana attempted to play Samuel through on goal with a clever pass towards the end of the first half after the 20 year old had made a good run. However, Fullana’s pass was cut out by Santander defender Sergio Ruiz. During the second half Shashoua was virtually uninvolved from an attacking point of view however, he worked tirelessly to help Peris defend against Nico Hidalgo before being replaced for Hugo Diaz in the 65th minute of the game. Once again Shashoua gave a very positive account of himself in the biggest game of his career thus far. He also didn’t let the hostile atmosphere which was created by the home fans get to him.

Samuel Shashoua for Atlético Baleares this season: 

Appearances: 34

Goals: 6

Assists: 4

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