My interview with former Spurs man Yannick Kamanan:

My interview with former Spurs man Yannick Kamanan:


For those Spurs fans that the remember the 2000/01 season well, the name Yannick Kamanan will ring a bell. The young French striker started pre season in sparkling form with a hat-trick against Stevenage and continued to impress
Kamanan went on to appear on the bench a couple of times for Glenn Hoddle’s side during the remainder of the season (though never featuring) before departing the lilywhites for Strasbourg at the end of the season. Kamanan has gone on to have a successful career across Europe at the likes of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Sivasspor and Oostende. I caught up with Yannick to discuss his time at Spurs.

Questions: What are your earliest memories of your time at Spurs and how did you come about joining the club?

Yannick: My teammates and my 1st bench in the Premier League. I joined the club via a trial.

What was your time at Spurs like on the whole?

Yannick: Great experience. Happy everyday to go training.

Who was your footballing inspiration/hero?

Yannick: George Weah at 1st and then Ronaldo, the original one.

Who were your greatest influences at the club?

Yannick: George Weah at 1st and then Ronaldo, the original one.

Were there any other players at the club or outside, who you’d model your game around?

Yannick: As a french player who played in the UK, Thierry Henry.

What was the toughest thing about being a young up and coming player during that time?

Yannick: Breaking in to the 1st team.

Were there any youth players at Spurs who you were particularly close to and are you still in touch with any of your former team mates?

Yannick: Destin Makumbu, Jonny Jackson, Alton Thelwell and many more.

What was your greatest memory from your time at the lilywhites?

Yannick: The love from the fans.

Could you talk me through your career after you left Spurs?

Yannick: Basically I kept playing in the highest level in all the countries I played in. Except 2 years out of 3 in France where I played 2nd division .

What was the pinnacle of your footballing career?

Yannick: French international or/and Champions league.

Who was the greatest player that you ever played alongside?

Yannick: Didier Drogba.

What would your advice be to the current Spurs academy players, as they look to make their way up the footballing pyramid?

Yannick: Believe in yourself and work harder than the day before cause nothing is guaranteed. The spot is expensive to get to the top so never give up and never think, u made it.

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