Unfair ticketing process likely to cause much disappointment for fans, in our final season at the lane:

Unfair ticketing process likely to cause much disappointment for fans, in our final season at the lane:



The club have changed the sales mechanism for next seasons matches at White Hart Lane and in doing so can expect many disgruntled fans, as their new system is simply unfair to the majority of fans of our club. Loyal members who have been coming to games for years can expect to miss out on some if not many category B and C matches for the coming season, this is due to a ballot which decides which members have been successful in purchasing tickets. Furthermore, fans will probably not be able to choose specific seats which will cause a lot of annoyance for members. However, the club has said; “This process will not see a reduction in the chances a member would have in obtaining tickets versus the traditional sales process we have employed in recent years. However, it will eliminate the frustrations that can be experienced at peak times during periods of high demand when large numbers of people are attempting to purchase tickets via telephone and internet. Applications will be able to be submitted online at any point during the advertised period or in person at the Ticket Office during office hours.”

I simply do not believe this statement for it causes much uncertainty when members apply for tickets, where as the old system was although not entirely reliable, it was at least fair and meant the vast majority of fans were able to purchase tickets. Category A matches will now be decided by the amount of loyalty points a member has accumulated, which in some ways is fair as it recognises loyalty from fans but it also gives younger fans less chance of going to see a match. Furthermore, Spurs have yet to announce how many loyalty points one needs if they are to be able to acquire a ticket for a category A match, this will leave many members anxious. Most importantly I understand that there will be a reduced capacity next season and I am grateful that many will be able to see Spurs in the champions league at Wembley. However, I think our club needs to show more understanding for members as they are simply prioritising those who have the most money the season ticket holders, Spurs have said; “Members are advised that due to the relocation of over 1,800 season ticket holders as a result of the stadium development works in the North-East corner, tickets in the South Stand will be extremely limited next season”.

This prioritising of season ticket holders is incredibly frustrating as it doesn’t show any appreciation to loyal members. I ultimately hope Spurs have a serious rethink about changing their stance and making it much easier for members to acquire tickets for our final season at our beloved ground! Below is the link to the clubs announcement which was made yesterday.


One thought on “Unfair ticketing process likely to cause much disappointment for fans, in our final season at the lane:

  1. Hi, I hope you don’t mind me making a comment that’s a bit lengthy – I’ll try to be as brief as possible – but I thought it might be worth picking up on a few things and explaining why the Supporters Trust thought the announcement was largely good for the majority of fans.

    Members have, for years, been subject to what has effectively been a ballot to get tickets for home games. The 9.30 Monday online booking window wasn’t convenient for a lot of fans for many reasons, and the problems with the ticketing system and the ‘spinning wheel of doom’ meant people had pretty much lost trust in the process. We’ve had an avalanche of complaints for years about it. So that’s being replaced by a system that works in much the same way as away applications, meaning people can apply at any stage up to a set deadline. That makes the chances of success in what was effectively a ballot much less random. Everyone has the same chance, not dictated by shifts, bosses hovering, or internet connection problems.

    Allocating Category A matches by loyalty points guarantees members with high LPs a ticket to Cat A games. Before, they had a random chance. For our last season, it seemed right to reward those fans who had built up loyalty points. Yes, it gives those younger fans who haven’t built up points less of a chance to see a Cat A match, but giving younger fans more chance would have given fans with more LPs less chance – which would also have led to complaints.

    So allocating Cat A games on LPs and B and C games on a ballot – and a ballot in which everyone has an equal chance of getting a ticket, including younger fans – strikes a balance between members on different levels of LPs. And nothing in that process makes it more difficult for members to get tickets.

    LP totals required can’t be announced until it’s known who has applied. It’s the system that has been in operation for away tickets.

    Moving season ticket holders from seats no longer available to other seats is not prioritising season ticket holders. It’s making sure existing season ticket holders don’t lose what they had. Should the club have said: ‘Sorry, your seat no longer exists so we’re throwing you out?’ And there is an argument for saying that ST holders, as the people who spend most time and money going to games, should get some priority. Keeping the offer to ST holders isn’t ‘not showing appreciation to loyal members’. Imagine the uproar if existing ST holders were told they couldn’t come to games.

    There are 70,000 members and, next season, 4,000 members tickets available for home games. So it doesn’t fit. We lobbied for a system that would be the fairest to the most. The club originally wanted to run a ballot for all games. We didn’t think that showed any recognition of loyalty. Some people wanted LPs for all games. We think that would have effectively shut out over 60,000 members from even having a chance of a ticket. The solution settled on, we believe, strikes the right balance.

    Martin Cloake
    Co-chair, THST


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