5 questions with Christian Maghoma:


5 questions and facts answered personally by the talented Christian Maghoma:
Yesterday Christian Maghoma kindly answered 5 questions I asked him on social media here they are as well as some quick facts:
– Name: Christian Maghoma
– Position: Centre back
– Age 18
– Won the 2012 victory shield with England
– Educated locally at Finchley Catholic high
– Born in Drc (Democratic Republic of Congo)
– His brothers are former Spurs players Jacques now playing for Birmingham and younger brother Paris who plays for our u15’s

Question 1: Which defender do you most look up to?
CM: For me it has to be Ledley King.

Question2: what are your aims for the rest of the season?
CM: For me it is to hopefully be in Pochettino’s plans at some point.

Question 3: What position did you start off as?
CM: i’ve always been a centre back

Question 4: What’s been the proudest moment of your career so far?
CM: It had to be playing against my older brother in a pre season match against Birmingham, it was amazing.

Question 5: Apart from being eligible to represent England which other international sides are you eligible for?
CM: Democratic Republic of Congo.

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